According to Wikipedia the term emulator refers to a computer system that computer science duplicates (provides an emulated version of) the functions of one system using a different system, so that the second system behaves similar to (and appears to appear to be) the first system. The emphasis on the exact reproduction of external behaviour is different from other forms of computer simulation that could be based on an abstract model of the system being emulated.

The definition given by Layman of “I play N64” is “I use my PC to play N64.”

This guide focuses on the process of using game emulators (PSone NES and Gameboy) and how to install them, as well as insert them into their appropriate folders, and play them.

Step 1: What console do you want to emulate? / purchasing an emulator

This is a matter of what game you’d like to play, but whatever it is, go to They have a large variety of emulators. The ones that perform the best are rated most highly and are at the top of the list.

I will be using the Gameboy Advance emulator, Visual Boy Advance as an example

Emulators ARE legal. The only way to challenge this is smacked

Step 2 Step 2: Install the Emulator

Depending on the emulator you select to download, you have two alternatives.At site from Our Articles The file can be extracted with winrar. It is extremely user-friendly. Get the trial version here. It’s completely free for 30 days. Make sure you get the one labeled WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 3.90

If you are lucky enough, the.exe file will be created. It will extract itself (install itself) after you double click. Just select the folder in the directory where the emulator needs to be installed.

Step 3. How do you use Winrar

Visual Boy Advanced can be downloaded following my directions. You’ll require the files extracted from winrar to your desktop. Here are some basics about how to accomplish this.

Depending on the size the file, extraction can be very short and/or “take a nap” lengthy

Step 4: Getting Roms

The law regarding roms is funny. You need to have the game to be legally allowed to use the Rom. You can’t have the game but only the rom.

but listen to this

Nobody cares

There are thousands and thousands of roms stored on my computer. It’s like downloading music via the internet and nobody is interested.

A quick Google search of “roms”) will bring up results

If you’re caught downloading roms, I am not liable. (Seriously I’m not liable). You won’t get caught unless you go to sony, nintendo or microsoft and show your downloaded Roms.

Step 5: Organizing Your Roms

There are two methods to do this: the sloppy method, and the neat method

The most convenient method is to put all of your Roms into one folder. It’s easy to find the folder, however it can be it can be difficult to locate the rom, depending on how many you have.

It is recommended to arrange all the roms that you have downloaded in order. GBA-roms can be found in the GBA/roms directory, N64-roms will be found in N64/roms.

If you’re truly skilled, you can save your GBA emulator roms into an area called “roms”. Doing so wont effect preformance.

Step 6 Step 6: Loading your Rom and playing it

Similar to the majority of the preceding actions, this one needs minimal effort.

Step 7: Done

You have been able to load and play an item securely, congrats!

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